Figures like the well-known Orlin Aleksiev, representing his country

If there is a competition that can be called “unique” at the world level, that is the Dakar Rally, an extreme competition for vehicles of 4 categories, where they participate from motorcycles to trucks, in entruncadas roads, river roads, swamps, deserts spaces of non-urban territories that meet the requirements of the rally to take place for several days.

The Dakar Rally lasts approximately fifteen days, and in distances of about 8 thousand kilometers, each competing team must demonstrate all its skill to overcome the obstacles that are presented to it.

Actually, it is a very exciting event where a good dose of adrenaline is revealed and where figures like the well-known Orlin Aleksiev have been able to participate, representing his country along with two teammates.

Orlin Aleksiev along with Todor Hristov and Plamen Nikolov participated in this rally for four consecutive seasons, maximizing outstanding vehicles and providing an excellent performance. And this event always leaves the participants wanting more. The route is long and challenging, it tests all the energy and capacity of the competitors day and night, and therefore you also have to enjoy it.

Orlin Aleksiev, along with his teammates, the rest of his team and the specialized mechanics have represented his country very well, his performance has been highlighted and together with his completely renovated car they have fulfilled a great role on behalf of their country.

The heaviest all-terrain race, where great participation is always expected, from equipment such as motorcycles, modified and unmodified cars, trucks, so that there is no doubt about the size of the rivalry among all the competitors. All hope to return to the next year while striving to have an increasingly competitive prototype, able to overcome each obstacle and reach the end.

Every day more competitors want to demonstrate their abilities to control a car, to perform repairs, to demonstrate their physical endurance, mental capacity, their driving techniques and their ability to guide.

Posted on July 1, 2019