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When you create your own story in episode as in all video games you need coins or units of exchange within the game in episode coins are gems and passes, get them can be simple but sometimes expensive, the gems give you a great number of options as you play and advance in your story, the more you play and the more intricate your story, as are all good stories, the more gems you need.
All the stories involve characters, adventures scenarios and many other things, situations of great emotion such as a meeting or a passionate kiss require using large amounts of gems, but as we said before getting them is not usually so simple, although if you click here you will find out how to obtain many of these and also you pass with the use of levelshack you will find the form or the ways of obtaining free gems, they teach you the tricks and how to use them

Among the most popular ways to obtain gems in the game is to obtain codes of other players that you get by visiting the official forum of the game, you can also expect that the gems appear as part of the daily supply, for this obviously you must wait 24 hours until the game automatically assigns them.
If you have enough patience and your story is rather loose, this will suffice, but if your patience is limited as if your story is very interesting the road will be another, to take this road the first warning is that you should not use pages Dark webs that promise you thousands of free things.
Only gives you speed and security to get the gems you want when you want them. With entering user data or email and you’re on track to get the gems you were looking for and then you can dedicate to grow the story and the characters. An interesting story worthy of being read and played begins by accumulating as many gems as possible.

Posted on April 16, 2019